ProForm Pro 1000

ProForm Pro 1000

ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill with iFit Technology

A 21st Century Workout

Perhaps one of the biggest things standing in the way of a healthy new me is my reluctance to put down the technology for a few minutes – I’m an unapologetic technology junkie. Well, as it turns out I don’t have to put down my technology at all to get a good workout. I came across one of the most amazing pieces of home workout equipment the other day while looking around the Amazon website. The ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill combines a great workout with a truly immersive technological experience.

This treadmill definitely falls into the premium category, so if you’re on a tight budget this one might be a little out of range. If on the other hand you’ve been saving a few pennies for just the right piece of workout equipment, then the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill is definitely a machine that deserves some strong consideration. For me it was on the very edge of my allowable budget, but not out of reach altogether, and I’m definitely giving it more than a second look.

Integrated Touchscreen Technology

When I discovered that this amazing machine had a built-in touchscreen with Wi-Fi integration I must admit I got a little excited – not only can you get a great workout with this machine, but you can check your email or surf the web while you’re doing it. This might not be important to everyone, but it’s definitely a great selling point for me. We’re not talking about a tiny little screen either – the built in touchscreen in this model is 10 inches of high definition touchscreen technology, which is more than enough for a great online experience.

Quasi-Virtual Reality Workouts

Is quasi-virtual reality a real thing? Well, it is now because I just created it and this machine can give you a great quasi-virtual reality workout experience with something called iFit Live. This is a workout service that gives you access to thousands of custom workouts. It’s powered by Google maps and works with your built-in touchscreen to give you a virtual running experience that will make you feel like you’re really there. Have you ever wanted to take a run through downtown Paris? With iFit Live you can do exactly that.

One of the coolest features of these virtual-reality workouts is that the ProForm Pro 1000’s treadmill automatically raises and lowers as you climb or descend hills to mimic the real environment of the virtual scene in front of you. It might not be true virtual reality, but it’s pretty darn close and it sounds very intense. I guess I’m just a sucker for cool technological gadgets like this.

All the Comforts

I don’t have a problem admitting when I have a weakness and being comfortable when I work out definitely counts as a weakness in my case. I like to have a drink close by, I like to have quick access to my favorite tunes, and I like to be able to catch up on the latest news while I’m working out. As we’ve already discussed, this machine has a built-in 10-inch touchscreen that you can use to surf the web, but it also has a tablet holder above this. Basically, you can be watching a great video on YouTube on the built-in touchscreen, while at the same time checking out your email on your tablet.

As far as music goes the ProForm Pro 1000 has a sound system which is fully compatible with your iPod or smart phone, so you can listen to your favorite tunes to get you in the workout mood. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t work out without some great music playing in the background. Once the music’s got you pumped and you’re in full workout mode you’ll be able to reach for your bottle of water stored in one of the convenient cup holders located on either side of the machine.

Don’t Forget the Monitoring Equipment

Any treadmill worth its salt has to come with some standard tools for monitoring your vital signs and your activity session. The ProForm Pro 1000 doesn’t disappoint in this area either. It comes with a wireless heart rate monitor as well as hand sensors that you can use as well. Personally I hate those machines with the little wires you have to attach to track your heart rate, so this was a big selling point for me.

The 10-inch touchscreen display can exhibit all of the important information about your workout such as the distance traveled, your current speed, and the elapsed time of your workout. While you’ll find these capabilities on almost all treadmills, having them displayed on a full 10-inch screen is a lot more user-friendly than you’ll find on most machines. My eyesight’s not the greatest, so not having to squint to see these workout statistics is a big plus.

Sign Me up!

It might sound a little cliché, but this machine ticks all of the boxes for me. The price isn’t out of range, although it’s definitely a little high. The integrated iFit technology that lets you run through the streets of your favorite cities is definitely high on the cool factor and a big selling point for me. I also liked the 10-inch touchscreen with built-in Wi-Fi designed to keep you entertained while you work out, and the convenient tablet holder above the screen. Let’s not forget the cup holders – hey we all get thirsty while working out – right?