Go Plus 800W

Go Plus 800W

Go Plus Electric Treadmill with Adjustable Belt

Priced Right

There’s no doubt that the Go Plus Electric Treadmill seems to offer great value for money, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right with this machine. I’m a little skeptical by nature and while this might annoy my wife from time to time, it’s also saved us a lot of money. So when my instincts are telling me something might be too good to be true, I like to sit back and take a real good look at the product. That’s exactly what I did with this treadmill.

Why was I skeptical? Well the reason’s quite simple – I found it hard to believe that you could buy a top quality electric treadmill for under $200. If you’re like me such a great bargain will make you wonder how good it really is.

Not A Lot to Go On

Before I get too far into this review I want to point out the fact that there simply isn’t a lot of information out there on this machine. Beyond the basic information provided by the manufacturer and a few customer reviews on sites such as Amazon, there really hasn’t been a lot written about this product. What little information there is doesn’t necessarily paint a great picture.

The Positive Spin

What this machine does have going for it is of course the fact that it’s an electric treadmill for under $200. Having said that it also has a couple of other features I like, such as a decent LCD display which also has cup holders on either side of the screen. While some might argue that you don’t need these little extras, I wouldn’t agree. I think it’s essential to have a place to keep your water bottle close by for hydration and of course with two cup holders you can use the other one for storing your smart phone or MP3 player.

This machine also has pretty decent speed range, with the ability to increase your speed up to 12 km/h – that’s not bad for an inexpensive machine like this. It can also handle quite a bit of weight, according to manufacturer’s specifications which suggest that it can handle a maximum weight of up to 260lbs. How true this is in practice is kind of up in the air as there simply aren’t enough reviews to make a clear judgment about this.

How Does It Do on Safety?

When it comes to safety I have some serious concerns with this machine. The belt is only 14 inches wide and less than 40 inches long, which means that if you’re a tall person or have a longer stride you’re going to struggle staying on this machine – at the very least running will be out of the question. This seems a little strange when we just finished talking about the fact that its top speed is 12 km an hour. I wouldn’t want to be running along at 12 km an hour and falling off the back of a treadmill.

The other safety problem with this machine is the fact that the handlebars are almost nonexistent, which means you have to always stay firmly planted near the front of the machine. They don’t have a foam grip so it’s hard to get a good purchase on the handles. I just couldn’t see myself pushing this machine to its speed limits without worrying about my safety. On the positive side it does come with a safety key that you can attach to yourself and if you do fall the key will pull out of the machine and stop it right away. That’s great and all, but I’d rather not fall in the first place.

Fold It for Storage

This treadmill by Go Plus does fold up easily for storage, which is great for anyone living in an apartment or small space. As we’ve mentioned above, the machine itself, even when it’s unfolded, is relatively small; when you fold it up for storage it can be put into very small places and that’s a big plus. You can put this treadmill in your closet or even under your bed without any problem.

To prepare the machine for storage there are a couple of easy rotating handles that you loosen to allow the treadmill base to fold up. When you’re ready to take it out of storage you simply reverse the process and tighten those handles. There really isn’t a lot to it, and the machine is very lightweight so it makes the whole process of folding and unfolding a simple experience.

I’m on the Fence

I love the fact that this machine is available for less than $200 and I love the fact that it’s got an electric treadmill for that price. What I don’t like is the short length of the treadmill – I don’t have the longest stride, but it’s not a short one either. Having said that, I do like the fact that it’s got a couple of cup holders and the LCD screen is a pretty decent size. So I’d probably have to say it’s a very firm possible-maybe on whether or not I’d buy this machine. Yes, I’m sitting on the fence.