Best Choice Electric

Best Choice Electric

Best Choice Electric Low Noise Treadmill

An Affordable and Practical Home Workout

After looking at the Best Choice manual treadmill I was a little leery to check this machine out, as I wasn’t overly impressed with the manual version, but the electric model appears to be much more suitable to my needs. While I considered manual treadmills, they just don’t appear to be reliable enough for my needs and so an affordable electric treadmill is what I’m looking for – this model fits the bill.

With a suggested retail price of just under $350, this treadmill is not much more expensive than the manual model, but it comes with a lot more features. So in this case, it seems to be an extra hundred dollars that’s well spent. I suppose it all depends on what your budget is and in my case that’s about $500. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a decent machine at that price, but this one seems to have some potential.

Portability and Convenience

I’ve been considering trying to find a treadmill that I can keep in my home office, but I need one that’s quite portable which I can store out of the way in the closet after I’m done working out. Most of the more expensive home treadmills are quite bulky and not suitable for this purpose, but this electric treadmill by Best Choice seems to be a decent alternative. It offers the portability I’m looking for as it’s easily foldable and lightweight but it also has an electric motor, which is another feature I feel is essential in a treadmill.,

Workout Area

The workout surface on this treadmill seems to be adequate, although just barely. It’s a little bit short, so if you’ve got a long stride it may not be suitable for you – for my short legs it will probably do the job. It measures 20 inches wide by 47 inches long, which is a little bit shorter than some of the more expensive treadmills. As far as the incline goes it’s not adjustable, which is a bit of an issue, but not surprising for a machine in this price range.

Safety Is Not Forgotten

This treadmill by Best Choice does take safety into consideration. The handrails are covered in foam which makes them easier to grip; they are a decent width so you shouldn’t have any problems holding on. There’s also a safety key feature which you can attach to your person; if you happen to fall off the machine it will automatically pull the key out of the treadmill, causing it to stop. These are a couple of decent features and it was surprising to find in such an inexpensive treadmill.

They Haven’t Forgotten Convenience Either

One of the biggest issues I had with the Best Choices manual treadmill was that it had no storage space or cup holders at all. In our modern world we’ve become accustomed to having workout equipment that caters to our needs both physically and for entertainment purposes. It’s nice to have a place to store your smart phone or MP3 player, and somewhere to put your water bottle within easy reach. This machine has cup holders on either side of the LCD display, giving you a place to put both your water bottle and your smart phone.

Where It Fails

This machine may sound pretty good so far, but there are a few problems with it. First of all, the reviews on it are very mixed and a lot of people have complained about problems right out of the box. In some cases there are missing parts and for others it simply doesn’t work. You’re always going to have a few mixed reviews with any piece of electronic equipment, but there are far too many complaints with this machine to ignore.

Another complaint about this machine is that the speed variance may not work properly. While the manufacturer does advertise the ability to adjust the speed, a few users have complained that it simply doesn’t work right. If you’re looking for a steady pace to walk, but you’re forced to run because you can’t adjust the machine speed, you’re going to get frustrated in no time.

The incline on this machine is not adjustable at all either. It comes standard with a certain degree of inclination, but if you want to adjust that incline at all you’re pretty much out of luck – that is, unless you want to come up with some sort of home remedy such as using a few books to adjust the level. In my opinion it’s probably best to pay a little extra and get a machine that actually comes with this feature built-in.

This One Falls a Little Short

As far as home workout treadmills go this one’s not terrible. It’s got some of the features I’m looking for such as an electric treadmill, cup holders, and some decent safety features, but it’s got a few too many problems for me to give it serious consideration. I don’t like the idea that I have to watch the length of my stride because the machine’s too short, and I don’t like the fact that the speed controls don’t work very well. There are other machines for under $500 that offer a little more than this one.