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Treadmill Trends

What's New for Treadmills in 2022?

Treadmill Technology

Different Types of Treadmills

Electric Treadmills

Electric treadmills work against the runner’s pace, and is most commonly found in gyms like Planet Fitness, Golds Gym or Equinox.

Home Treadmills

Home treadmills are not quite as sturdy as the ones you find at a gym but are designed to fit in your home, take up less space and be moved around with more ease.

Smart Treadmills

Smart treadmills allow you to interact with your fitness machine through an app. Utilize high performance technology at home.

Manual Treadmills

Manual treadmills utilize the action of walking and/or running on the treads of the machine to cause the treadmill to move.

Latest Treadmill Trends 2022

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March 27, 2023VR Treadmills

This upcoming VR Headset has an Precise PC in it!

The Startup behind the Open-Souce Linux Distro Simula simply opened the preorders for his or

March 26, 2023Home Treadmills

My Go-To Research-Health Hack!✨(+win a free home treadmill!)

WIN A FREE TREADMILL: Glad Monday fam! In the present day I am sharing

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March 24, 2023VR Treadmills

The First Sword Artwork On-line VR headset is HERE! The Full Dive Nervegear in 2022

The Full Dive Nervegear is right here. The sword artwork on-line vr headset is coming

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March 23, 2023Home Treadmills

5 Finest Treadmills for House | Finest Treadmills for House 2022 | #Treadmills #Exercise #Just5

5 Finest Treadmills for House Please Examine Following Hyperlinks for Worth, Extra Particulars and Order.

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Octonic VR

Using their proprietary technology Octonic VR allows you to enter into breathtaking virtual worlds while using a standard treadmill either at home or in a gym.

Treadmill Health Benefits

Lose Weight

Running on a treadmill regularly can help you lose weight steadily over time.

Boost Energy

Feel more energetic throughout the week as your physical fitness improves.

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Heart Health

Improve heart health w/ benefits like reduced stress & lower blood pressure.

Treadmill Trends

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Virtual reality will allow us to “speed up” the exercise process by teleporting us to exciting new worlds.

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Emerging processes blur the line between user and interface. When applied to the tried and true treadmill, we find new trends.


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